23. September 2018

Invest / Strategic Partnerships

cobago seeks 320K for sales growth in Germany and surrounding countries
as well as for extension of the strategic partner network.


  • cobago GmbH, a software company founded in 2016 and based in Dortmund, designs, develops and sells cobago SIX, a PERSONAL ASSISTANT FOR INDUSTRIAL AND BUSINESS WORKPLACES, including licenses, customizing, integration, consulting and optional cloud operations.
  • cobago SIX is a powerful and TÜV-approved, easy-to-use personal assistant for all kinds of industrial and business workplaces. SIX supports employees, e.g. service engineers, technicians or inspectors in factory work halls or offices, easing and speeding up their daily work of planning, performing and digitally documenting what they intend, achieve and deliver.

  • With a turnover of about 0.5 Million Euro in 2017 and nine full- and part-time employees, cobago addresses industrial corporates, inspection and industry service providers as well as organizations heading for high speed and easy digital transformation.


    convert classical and paper based corporate procedures into digital apps within minutes; including notes, photos, calculations, data capture, high quality reports, database contents and field services
    increase transparency, reduce cost, speed throughput, save time and money.
    empower process and result analytics as well as continuous improvement.
    enable your company for additional and/or new business models.
    create inspection, service, maintenance and other process documentation
    apps and reports in an agile step-by-step process and with no programming at all
    send and receive work orders and data from the corporate IT infrastructure: SIX interfaces to SAP, CRM, ERP, ITSM and other leading ITC systems and supports permalinks into the SIX data store
    Major German TÜV Organizations, worldwide: security inspectors in south africa (facilities), united arabic emirates (government), USA (electrical security testing); Europe (IT Service Management)