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Perfect Service
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Perfect services - a major component of your offering or delivery ?
Smart quality - a central part of your internal obligations or your commercial portfolio ?
Precise documentation - a key element of your business processes ?
Plan, organize, document and control service and quality easier than ever before:

the digital ecosystem for next generation service and quality management
for industrial integrity maintenance, object condition monitoring and on site inspection.

Reach out for outstanding customer experience in terms of service and quality,
for even more efficiency and effectivity, higher transparency as well as reduced cost.
In business and industrial environments, on site, on your corporate campus
or in a world wide service and quality management network.

Fascinate your customers. Every single day.


  • ITC Catalogs
  • ITC Services
  • Documentation
  • SOPs
  • ISMS Security
  • GDPA
  • ISO Certificates

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Energy+Utilities fossile renewable

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InduTec Machinery Transport

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  • Quality Checkups

Service Providers Maintenance and Repair

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  • Repair
  • Construction
  • Monitoring
  • Disposal
  • Quality Assurance

The SIX Ecosystem

how six works

Plan, organize, document and control service and quality easier than ever before

Max and his team are certified security engineers working for a well known industrial service provider. They are responsible for continuous operation, inspection and monitoring, maintenance and repair of central infrastructure components of the company.

Max and his team used notebooks, separate digital cameras and measuring devices for their work. Data was collected on location with Excel, and macros were used to generate word reports. Photos from the camera were added. The result was sent by mail. The problem: archiving, retrieval and cumulative analytics turned out to be complex. The whole process became intransparent, inflexible and hard to maintain.

Max and his colleagues use COBAGO SIX as their common service catalog, notebook, fact collection, score calculator, decision aid and documentation tool - and a light weighted tablet computer as the hardware basis. Max collects facts on a fingertip or via speech-to text. He adds photos and scans data and documents. He objectifies and automates computations, valuations and decisions. An if necessary he determines key performance indicators dynamically by simply pushing a button.

Max and his team are part of a world wide distributed service management infrastructure. All services are centrally digitized and subject to agile optimization. Orders, location and navigation hints are sent over the air. Results of their works are delivered the same way to all colleagues and technical systems that need to know. And if necessary, alarms and followups are automatically distributed.

The daily work is eased, documentation is as fast as never before. Afterwork in the back office is reduced to a minimum. All tasks can be finished on location and results can be properly delivered.

  • Store and provide checklists, rules, actions and proven form sheets

  • Collect facts with a few clicks and evidence photos. Load real time data online.

  • Prepare your objective judgement based on mathematical and logical formulas

  • Create evidence with proven reports at your fingertips. Document your archievements.

  • Deploy results to your team. Trigger subsequent IT systems and processes.

  • Deliver analytics, benchmarks, KPIs, facts and inputs for completely new business models.

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