Why cobago SIX ?

Efficient service requires consequent digitization: Even today, over 75% of all business service, inspection and quality processes are not digitally implemented: Excel spreadsheets, clipboards and self-made software dominate the scene.

cobago SIX is your intelligent digital assistant for important and demanding work on site. A universal app for documentation and structured work processes, flexibly adaptable by your own team, precise and compliant down to the smallest detail of your achievement. SIX is ideal for engineers, technicians, fitters, craftsmen and inspectors. And SIX also supports your sales force and call center. SIX saves time, structures, photographs, recommends, calculates and checks plausibility and completeness, generates printable reports. Your signature ensures commitment and trust. For all your services relating to infrastructure, assets and products.

Use SIX to achieve more transparency, more efficiency and effectiveness as well as revision and liability security for your services in less time - and at the same time gain more satisfaction for your customers.

And it's as simple as that



Create inspection or service templates with your browser.


Organize the service fulfillment. Specify location, time and employee.

On site service

The intelligent app lets you create notes, photos and documentation within seconds.

Quality and reporting

Back in the center you check results and send auto created reports.

cobago SIX transforms tablets, PCs and smartphones into an intelligent, interactive personal assistant. SIX presents current tasks, helps to record, document and evaluate them. Individual and tailored to the job. Structured and clear. SIX provides on-site, mobile and office support. SIX is ideal for inspectors, security engineers, fitters, field service employees, sales staff or call center agents - and for anyone who wants to perform a service precisely and document it carefully.

Create once-only or frequently recurring notes quickly and easily using checkboxes, selections or free text. Add annotated photos and signatures. SIX helps by dynamically structuring menus and forms, plausibility checks, mandatory and optional entries, completeness checks and interactive recommendations.

Every service, every inspection, every service job is different. Design your processes, standard contents and structures yourself, exactly as you need them. As a template, once and in advance. In your own language, for your teams, especially for each location.

Later, your central team distributes the work: according to the right template, for the right person, the right place to provide services, the right object to work on and for the right day at the right time. By WLAN or mobile phone, so that you can work online or offline on the move. The results are returned in the same way, checked, optimized and handed over to the customer as a result, document, certificate, service certificate or invoice. Or it can be transferred back to a third-party system if the order came from there.

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