cobago Digital Shares

Six simple steps

  • Personal information call: The system is based on a "Security Token Offering" and in "Security Token". These are forgery-proof and non-copyable digital securities that are exchanged via the technical service provider. A direct contractual relationship is established between the qualified investor resident in the EU and cobago GmbH in Dortmund. The tokens sold are made available to the investor as contents of a secure digital wallet. The transaction can take place at any time and from anywhere in the world. You can find out more in a personal briefing.
  • Request an invitation, submit an offer: In the information meeting or via webinar, the investor receives his individual digital invitation from cobago, the so-called "investment link", via which he can call up detailed facts about cobago and submit a binding investment offer.
  • Purchase tokens: Once the offer has been received by the technical service provider, the investor is guided through an identification process with regard to himself or his company. After successful identification, cobago decides on the acceptance of the offer.
  • Trade tokens digitally: Via the platform of the technical service provider, the investor has a convenient overview of all his investments. In addition, the investor is later given the opportunity to offer the cobago shares to other investors on the platform via the service provider and to buy shares in companies from other investors in the form of tokens traded on the marketplace.
  • Continuous information: cobago confidentially informs the investor at quarterly intervals about the company's key performance indicators. Furthermore, important activities are continuously communicated on the cobago website.
  • Automatic earn-out: For each profit distribution as well as in the case of clearly defined events (e.g. IPO, significant share sales or other exit events), the investor automatically receives the payment to which he is entitled. He does not have to take care of the handling of his investment himself.

Your advantages as an investor

  • Easy transfer: The digital cobago security is easily transferable. The investor is not tied to his investment in cobago for an indefinite period - as is the case as a classic shareholder.
  • Broader diversification / smaller tickets: The smaller ticket size makes it easier to make manageable investments in cobago and other companies. On the same contract basis using the same simple procedure. Thus, risks can be conveniently spread and capital can be more broadly diversified.
  • Made in Europe: The cobago security is designed in cooperation with an international law firm according to European law. The investor invests directly in cobago as a German corporation based in Dortmund, NRW.
  • European technical service provider: The digital security is technically provided by Cashlink Technologies GmbH (Frankfurt). The cash flow is made in Euro directly from the bank of the investor to the bank of cobago. The investor receives the digital securities via online wallet.
  • No crowd funding, no Bitcoins: The security is exclusively available for qualified investors, not for private investors, so it is not crowd funding. There is no payment transaction in crypto currency.

Interested ? Your personal information call ist waiting for you.

* Legal information:

The information on this page does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell securities (ยง 85 WpHG). It is for general and non-binding information purposes only. In addition, the information on this page is directed exclusively at qualified investors within the meaning of Article 2(1)(e) of the Prospectus Directive (Directive 2003/71/EC including all amendments thereto) including the exceptions defined therein for selected private investors as well as all relevant implementation measures in Germany and the respective member state of the European Economic Area.