Hightec ready - services and inspections seamlessly integrated

cobago SIX is a self-contained, completely independent ecosystem for digitally supported services and inspections. The Open Telekom Cloud provides SIX with a secure and powerful operating and communication infrastructure. For alternative or additive in-house operation you can change at any time.

In many cases, services and inspections are also part of higher-level internal processes. CRM & ERP, SAP & Co. or Enterprise Asset Management generate the service order for SIX and the results are fed back to these systems after SIX has provided the service. Or sensors in the Internet of Things or the cognitive capabilities of an artificial intelligence determine which service has to be performed by whom, when and where, and why, or what needs to be inspected, and initiate organization and execution.

cobago SIX and Open Telekom Cloud

Secure 24/7 operation, fast and reliable SIX provisioning wherever the Internet is available. With Open Telekom Cloud, setting up, exploring and operating cobago SIX is as easy as can be. Optimal for all those who want to have SIX managed externally instead of running it in-house in the first place or permanently.

Open Telekom Cloud is an "Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)" product by Deutsche Telekom, managed by T-Systems. The use of standard hardware as well as standardized and automated processes makes it possible to offer a cost-effective IaaS for the European market. Operating exclusively in German data centers, T-Systems as a German provider fulfills all relevant security requirements and regulations for the operation of secure IT services.

And if you prefer in-house SIX operation - with the "hybrid" variant of the Open Telekom Cloud you combine your preference for "on premise" with the advantages and security of the cloud services of a leading German ITC provider.

CRM & ERP, SAP & Co., Enterprise Asset Management

Todays leading IT systems of a company usually contain workflow functions which allow services to be organized in a more or less good way. However, it may be difficult and expensive to map structured services with changing content and uniform processing that are to be designed by the business department. With SIX, comfortable service design by the department, distributed service organization, mobile and offline service execution, simple and precise documentation as well as automatic reporting can be realized in a better and faster way.

With cobago SIX, service orders from leading systems are automatically transferred to the SIX Ecosystem, where they are performed and documented. The results are made available as PDF files or links, for example, or are fed back into the leading system in detail, digitally and in real time via an interface.

Internet of Things

With the growing expansion of IoT networks based on modern network technologies such as LTE and NB-IOT, it is now possible to interconnect sensors and actors nationwide and internationally with specific application systems for service organization, alarm processing or supply of goods.

Modern IoT networks can penetrate buildings deeper than ever before without extensive WLAN expansion and are available in many metropolitan areas as well as in the area inside and outside buildings. IoT signalling devices and applications are thus connected over short and long distances. All devices are set up and managed via a common system, while suitably provided applications process the signals from IoT and control actors from within the application.

For cobago SIX, the Internet of Things is therefore a local or nationwide infrastructure for the digital placement of orders for services and inspections, which in the simplest case are triggered by the push of a button (e.g. the IoT Service Button), in the more complex case by temperatures, pressure changes, vibrations, brightness, changes in location or position.

Artificial Intelligence

Modern systems for image recognition, speech recognition and pattern detection are also possible sources for SIX service and inspection orders. While the cognitive capabilities of AI systems examine and evaluate facts, draw conclusions from them and come to results, the next step usually requires a manual or automated reaction from humans, machines or technical systems.

This is where cobago SIX offers the possibility, depending on the analysis results of the AI systems, to organize the right service or the right inspection at the right time in the right place with the right available persons, to control the performance and documentation and to ensure the digital return of results to the AI system.