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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE The Ecoflexx AI features enhance your sustainability management with its own intelligent modules based on the GPT-4 service from OpenAI. The AI modules are specifically pre-trained on Ecoflexx procedures as well as selected knowledge and special services in the area of sustainability. Ecoflexx AI uses GDPR-compliant anonymized data stored in the separately bookable Ecoflexx Cube.

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Virtual Advisor

Breaking News from the EU
Real-time knowledge
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Updates on Ecoflexx

The Ecoflexx Virtual Advisor is your one-stop shop for up-to-the-minute information from EU sources in Brussels, as well as real-time knowledge on sustainability from Germany, Austria, and the EU. With the combined expertise of virtual experts with over ten years of experience in Sustainability Management and Sustainable Procurement, the Copilot answers your questions about collection, analysis, and reporting, such as on Product Carbon Footprints. Finally, this channel offers exclusive and latest information on Ecoflexx products and services.

The Ecoflexx Cube is the central ESG data room that centrally stores footprints and emissions data, connecting the Ecoflex AI modules with each other as well as with the ESM and other Sustainability Managers.

Included in the base package of the Ecoflexx Sustainability Manager, the Cube is essential for the operational functionality of Ecoflexx AI. Additionally, each AI module contains demo data for an initial impression.


Data exchange for Ecoflexx AI
Central ESG data room
and persistent storage
Interface to third-party systems


Supply chain, production sequence,
Structured data collection
with AI support
Facts for the ESG Data Space

The Ecoflexx Collector intelligently gathers data from pre-suppliers across multiple tiers and transfers the results to the Ecoflexx Cube for approval by the Sustainability Advisor in the commissioning company.

Suppliers are prompted by the Collector to submit environmental data and are assisted in “completing” their responses.

The Ecoflexx Analyzer vividly presents environmental data from your existing Sustainability Manager or the Ecoflexx Sustainability Manager as pie and bar charts, individually or in comparison between the primary footprint of a Product A and a comparison product B or an external benchmark. It enables the development of “what if” scenarios and projections for CO2 costs based on different CO2 prices in the coming years.

The Analyzer utilizes footprint and emissions data stored in the Ecoflexx Cube, whose contents are imported via licensed interfaces and connectors from existing sustainability software.


Intelligent analysis
and forecasting
AI-driven action identification

* The Ecoflexx Copilot is available for free in the GPT Store.
The other Ecoflexx Custom GPTs are available in projects and will be provided in the GPT Store once it offers payment functions.
We are always available for any questions.

Ecoflexx® Sustainability Manager empowers businesses and public authorities to track and assess the carbon footprints and emissions of their products and services. It leverages AI to guide the step-by-step decarbonization of products, promotes more environmentally conscious purchasing, and enhances market success through sustainability. Additionally, it supports the management of environmentally-sensitive projects.

The Ecoflexx® Methodology, alongside our network of independent experts, offers extensive support in practical sustainability management: from the design and implementation of CO2 emissions monitoring, in production, procurement, sales, logistics, and project planning – with Ecoflexx and artificial intelligence, as well as through product-independent sustainability consulting.

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