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Sustainability for Products and Services

 Ecoflexx assists companies, public organizations, and their suppliers in precisely capturing, managing, and reporting the environmental impacts of their products and services, identify hotspots, reduce CO2 emissions and generate product carbon footprints as well as EU (CSRD, CSDDD) compliant reports at the push of a button.


Why Ecoflexx?


Environmental impacts of products and services are determined based on their greenhouse gas emissions, commonly measured by carbon footprints. The Ecoflexx methodology and artificial intelligence aid in the systematic collection and certification of Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs), comparison of emissions, and reduction of carbon output.

Particularly influential are global supply chains and precise numbers, data, and facts regarding raw materials and supplies, logistical efforts, and energy consumption.

Smart building blocks are integrated within Ecoflexx into a cohesive whole of software and professional services, which can be agilely and appropriately expanded according to project needs.

Focus Ecoflexx addresses key environmentally-relevant processes for companies and their global business partners.

Sustainability Management

The primary tasks of sustainability management include the recording and maintenance of product carbon footprints for in-house production and the entire supply chain, as well as continuous portfolio optimization to achieve the lowest possible emissions and CO2 costs

Design and Production

Product design and production today consider the environmental impact of products and services more than ever before. The environment does not forget, buyers are sensitized, and banks focus on sustainability and future viability in ranking and credit allocation

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement means considering CO2 emissions and costs as key performance indicators, in addition to the purchase price. Uniformly structured offers, appropriate bid management, and evaluation procedures are necessary.


The role of sustainable sales is to create sustainable lifecycle-oriented offers that cover (1) in-house production, including supply chains and production consequences, and subsequent phases like (2) transport to the site and installation, (3) operation, and (4) recycling or disposal.

Where Ecoflexx makes the difference Unique selling propositions

The Ecoflexx Methodology:
Stairways to a Cleaner Planet

Simply adding up CO2 equivalents is not enough. Footprints and emissions need to be gradually typified, quantified, categorized, and allocated to scopes and phases of the lifecycle. Only then can targeted decarbonization be achieved. AI aids decarbonization by providing global process knowledge, benchmarks, guidance, and what-if analyses. KPIs ensure comparable numbers, data, and facts. Together, this forms the Ecoflexx methodology.

Estimate, Refine, Certify:
Emission data as needed.

Refine as needed and according to time budget: Gradually improve initial emissions estimates using internal and public sources. This can be done through official external certificates or primary data from the supply chain, collected virally and digitally. This step-by-step approach makes it possible to demonstrate the true environmental quality of the products with increasing accuracy.

Know today
what it costs tomorrow.

Ecoflexx provides an environmental cost overview for the entire product lifecycle, including production, delivery, operation, and recycling/disposal. Gain complete TCO and CO2 transparency for the coming years, right from the product design stage, for outgoing sales offers, and before incoming purchases.

Digitize faster than
the EU invents new rules

Ecoflexx is a unique, universal, modular, flexible, and scalable toolkit for sustainability management. Without extensive software projects, it allows for the integration of new EU regulations based on prompt engineering and low-code solutions—often without writing a single line of code.

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