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THE CREATORS OF ECOFLEXX Cobago GmbH is an independent provider of turnkey enterprise software and comprehensive expertise in sustainability and digitalization.

Sustainability management in large and medium-sized companies, as well as simple, quickly implementable, and practical solutions for digitally supported work - these are the focus topics of our company today.

Continuous innovation and successful collaboration with strong partners - these are our strengths.

cobago was founded in 2016 by Dr. Dieter Kramps along with private investors as the successor to the consulting and custom software forge, cobago systems.

Today, cobago GmbH focuses on custom standard software for industry and commerce. Initially, cobago addressed major clients from the “Testing Inspection Certification” sector and won TÜV Rheinland as one of its first customers. Here, the “Mobile Inspection and Reporting Application” was developed, one of the first low-code solutions in the TIC industry. Since then, cobago has been designing, developing, and marketing industry-specific application platforms for audits, services, inspections, and order management based on in-house developed low-code technology.

With a focus on vertical applications and the integration of AI technology, cobago has evolved since 2022 from a platform provider to an expert for selected turnkey digital solutions. In particular, sustainability management and sustainable procurement are now at the heart of our thinking and actions.

Portfolio and Customers

cobago’s sustainability products assist in managing the footprints and emissions of products and services, sustainable procurement, TCO/CO2 analysis and forecasting, as well as in creating compliance or AI-optimized sustainability reports.

cobago’s digital solutions help offset sustainability efforts through digital streamlining and effortlessly create topic and company-specific apps from intelligent forms and documents.

cobago’s clients today include companies from the energy, mobility, health, and ITC industries.

Expert Network

The “Sustainability” expert network is a cooperative association of independent and experienced specialists in Sustainability Management & Procurement, in selected industries, in AI, in Digital Solutions and Finance, in Germany and Austria.


cobago is a cooperation partner of Telekom Deutschland, focusing on Lowcode/Nocode and cloud solutions, a participant in the Telekom Techboost program, and a contributing company in X-Creation for Sustainability together with major clients in the ESG Data Space.c

Ecoflexx® Sustainability Manager empowers businesses and public authorities to track and assess the carbon footprints and emissions of their products and services. It leverages AI to guide the step-by-step decarbonization of products, promotes more environmentally conscious purchasing, and enhances market success through sustainability. Additionally, it supports the management of environmentally-sensitive projects.

The Ecoflexx® Methodology, alongside our network of independent experts, offers extensive support in practical sustainability management: from the design and implementation of CO2 emissions monitoring, in production, procurement, sales, logistics, and project planning – with Ecoflexx and artificial intelligence, as well as through product-independent sustainability consulting.

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