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PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS The Ecoflexx Sustainability Manager addresses the broad spectrum of digital-supported sustainability at the product and project level - from emission inventory through AI-supported analysis and decarbonization to add-ins for individual requirements and solutions.

Ecoflexx Essentials
Core Package für Large Enterprises and Mid-Sized Companies

Digital Directory of Environmental Data

Scope 1, 2, 3
Emission Typification

CO2 Footprints and Emissions at the Product Level
Collect, process, and manage environmental data
Create standard reports


For Free
Ecoflexx Virtual Advisor
Intelligent Chat-based Expert

Facts and Expertise on Sustainability
Latest on EU Regulations
Chat Info on the Ecoflexx Ecosystem
Examples of Typical Production Processes
Typical Emissions in Production Steps

Systematic CO2 Reduction
150 Languages and Dialects

Available via GPT Store - GPT Plus required
GPT Terms & Conditions apply.

Individual Turnkey Solutions
Ecoflexx by Design
Toolbox and Building Blocks
Flexible ESG Data Room with AI Interaction
Sustainable Procurement
TCOCO2, Ecoflexx Score
Automated Supplier Dialogue
CO2 Facts from the Supply Chain
Time and Material
Professional Services
Product Based Projects

Collaborative PCF Creation
Customizing of Ecoflexx Instances
Prompt Engineering
Low-code Engineering
Open API Interfaces
Data Exchange with Third-Party Software
(e.g., DBMS, Excel)

Ecoflexx® Sustainability Manager empowers businesses and public authorities to track and assess the carbon footprints and emissions of their products and services. It leverages AI to guide the step-by-step decarbonization of products, promotes more environmentally conscious purchasing, and enhances market success through sustainability. Additionally, it supports the management of environmentally-sensitive projects.

The Ecoflexx® Methodology, alongside our network of independent experts, offers extensive support in practical sustainability management: from the design and implementation of CO2 emissions monitoring, in production, procurement, sales, logistics, and project planning – with Ecoflexx and artificial intelligence, as well as through product-independent sustainability consulting.

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